Digital Forensic and Information Security Services 

About Us

Chartstone Consulting is a premier investigation firm specializing in personnel security,  information security, and digital forensics. Drawing from diverse backgrounds in investigative services, information security, academia, legal and law enforcement, Chartstone offers the highest quality investigation and analysis utilizing court accepted hardware, software and methodologies.


Chartstone analysts and investigators have assisted public and private sector clients throughout the United States. Using proprietary and strict procedures from chain-of-custody through analysis and investigation to reporting and expert testimony, Chartstone provides highly-responsive, expedited service.


Chartstone is comprised of three distinct, overlapping and complimentary business units which work independently as well as in conjunction with one another to offer the most comprehensive services to our clients.


 Investigation Division

 Forensic Division

Information Security Division

      Pre - Employment Background Investigation

Civil & Criminal

 Compliance & Governance

Personal & Business Asset Searches

Computer & Network Forensics

 Information Security Assessments

 Due Diligence Investigations

         Smart Phones & Tablets

 Risk Assessments

 Theft of Products & Services

 Data Breach Investigations

 Policy & Procedure Review & Development



                                                                          Chartstone is licensed by the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Service and
                                                                                Public Protection Division of the State Police Special Licensing and Firearms Unit.
                                                                                                                              Chartstone License # A-2598